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Prospective Member Presentations

Prospective members are invited to attend one of our live Zoom sessions to learn more about the benefits of membership with Phil’s Silver, Inc.  Our team leaders conduct several sessions a week so simply choose the leader and/or time frame that best fits your preference. If you were referred by a currently enrolled member, we will help to enroll you on their team after the call. We look forward to answering all your questions and supporting you in your journey with PSI!


Todd Collins
Presidential Gold Associate

Cruise Contest Enrollments

Current members will receive 1 point toward the current contest for every friend they refer to one of the appointments above. The attendee MUST record your name as their referring member at the time they RSVP for the appointment.

IF THEY ENROLL AFTER THE SESSION, please fill out the form below to claim 10 contest points for the referral’s enrollment. Be sure to include the confirmation number that your enrollee received during the session.